You Have Not Seen Installation

You Have Not Seen Installation

Opening is Sunday September 22, 2013. Everyone is invited…

2 Responses to “You Have Not Seen Installation”

  1. I admit to being excited by what I see! I wish you every success. Wish I could break away this week to be there. Please take copious photographs, maybe even a short video to share.
    Congrats to you (and John too).

  2. Reblogged this on John A Hancock's Blog and commented:
    Here is a new work …that is just now being installed at Bluffton University (Bluffton, OH). The artist is a former student of mine, a skilled website designer (she created my main website!), a a talented artsit colleague, and a friend. She has been working on some large ideas for some time now. Taking a look at the paintings and other works on her website and blog will give you some background on some of the prior genesis of her ideation/images. They seem to be coming together in a way that gives her the space to really let them run … to play out in an appropriate manner … clashing and reforming into a new synthesis.
    I wish her the best.

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