At the moment

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New Idea

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Site Specific Installation in Woodland Park, CO

In Progress One

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dRecent in progress painting. Included a person so you can see the scale. Art is so much better in person then online… grghhh


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Thinking of relationships as having seasons… sometimes everything is green and growing like summer, sometimes they fade in a blaze of glory like fall, sometimes they are cold and desolate and nothing seems to be happening and I need lots of cups of hot tea to get through them, and other times there is rebirth and growth where I had forgotten there was even the possibility of life.

Show your Soul

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Am pondering how I could create art as I’m traveling lightly… thinking of creating collages on my laptop and taking screenshot… miss the tactile aspect of it all this way though…

Swim Upstream or draw me along

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swim upstream or draw me along, this might take a while but not too long